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Full potential coaching programme; using your unique talents and strengths.  You have it, we show you how to excel with it.


We simplify this complex aspect.  We bring together expectations and the best way to manage any labour issue; should it be that of the employer or that of the employee.


All our products and services are empowering.  We provie insight and application.  You will fully understand and be able to use what we provide you with.


Using our self-marketing approach will provide you the competitive edge in the job and business market. CV's, company profiles, etc.

About us


Blue Kebab Job and Work Place Solutions (Pty) Ltd is an intuitive, resourceful and tenacious company that is dedicated to the exceptional growth and prosperity of our clients.  Our clients include but are not limited to the career professional, a single employer, a work team and/or a business as a whole.  Blue Kebab Job and Work Place Solutions (Pty) Ltd is an in-practice consultancy service grown from experience, continuous scrutiny of best world practices, networking and communication.

We offer services in professional profiling, coaching, talent sourcing, labour legislation compliance and efficiency improvement.